ECTSS 2021-2022 Executive Council

Sharon Ben-Or, MD, President
Sharon Ben-Or, MD
Doraid Jarrar, MD, Vice President
Vice President
Doraid Jarrar, MD
Africa F. Wallace, MD, Treasurer
Africa F. Wallace, MD
Spencer Melby, MD, Secretary
Spencer Melby, MD
Eric J. Lehr, MD, Immediate President
Immediate Past President
Eric J. Lehr, MD
Benjamin Haithcock, MD, Program Committee Chair
Program Committee Chair
Benjamin Haithcock, MD
Claire Watkins, MD, Cardiac Chief
Cardiac Chief
Claire Watkins, MD
Thomas Caranasos, MD, Cardiac Chief
Cardiac Chief
Thomas Caranasos, MD
Julian Guitron, MD, Thoracic Chief
Thoracic Chief
Julian Guitron, MD
Aundrea Oliver, MD, Thoracic Chief
Thoracic Chief
Aundrea Oliver, MD
John Lazar, MD, Membership Committee Chair
Membership Committee Chair
John Lazar, MD
Zachary Kon, MD, Research Innovations Committee Chair
Research Innovations Committee Chair
Zachary Kon, MD
Huzaifa Shakir, MD, Standards and Ethics Committee Chair
Standards and Ethics Committee Chair
Huzaifa Shakir, MD
Sai Yendamuri, MD, Career Development Committee Chair
Career Development Committee Chair
Sai Yendamuri, MD
Andrea Wolf, MD, JEDI Committee Chair
JEDI Committee Chair
Andrea Wolf, MD
Bryan M. Steinberg, MD, Social Media Committee Chair
Social Media Committee Chair
Bryan M. Steinberg, MD
Ibrahim Sultan, MD, Councilor-at-Large
Ibrahim Sultan, MD
Robert Moraca, MD, Councilor-at-Large
Robert Moraca, MD
James Speicher, MD, Councilor-at-Large
James Speicher, MD