Past Presidents

Year President
2020-2021 Eric Lehr, MD
2019 Faiz Y. Bhora, MD
2018 Abbas E. Abbas, MD
2017 Michael J. Walker, MD
2016 Robert J. Moraca, MD
2015 Benny Weksler, MD
2014 Evelio Rodriguez, MD
2013 Benjamin A. Youdelman, MD
2012 Michael Szwerc, MD
2011 Fred Weber, MD, JD
2010 Sanjay Mehta, MD
2009 Ron D. Nutting, MD
2008 James B. McClurken, MD
2007 Rohinton J. Morris, MD
2006 Raymond L. Singer, MD
2005 Joseph E. Bavaria, MD
2004 Scott M. Goldman, MD
2003 Craig B. Wisman, MD
2002 Edward L. Woods, MD
2001 Francis Sutter, DO
2000 James A. Magovern, MD
1999 Manucher Fallahnejad, MD
1998 Thomas Maher, MD
1997 Jacob Kolff, MD
1996 Rohinton K. Balsara, MD
1995 David B. Campbell, MD
1994 Ronald V. Pellegrini, MD
1993 Sang B. Park, MD
1992 John L. Pennock, MD
1991 George A. Liebler, MD
1990 Pascal Spagna, MD
1989 William S. Pierce, MD
1988 Vincent W. Lauby, MD
1987 Vincent D. Cuddy, MD
1986 Robert G. Trout, MD
1985 Benjamin G. Musser, MD
1984 Horace Mac Vaugh, III, MD
1983 George J. Deangelo, MD
1982 Joseph C. Donnelly, Jr., MD
1981 W. Winster Kunkel, Jr., MD
1980 John Y. Templeton, III, MD
1979 James L. Harrison, MD
1978 John A. Waldhausen, MD
1977 R. Robert Tyson, MD
1976 William A. Atlee, MD
1975 George J. Haupt, MD
1974 George P. Rosemond, MD
1973 William E. DeMuth, MD
1972 George J. Magovern, Sr., MD
1971 Paul Nemir, Jr., MD
1970 Thomas C. Ryan, MD
1969 John M. Snyder, MD
1968 George Willauer, MD
1967 Wilbur E. Burnett, MD
1966 Henry T. Bahnson, MD
1965 Julian Johnson, MD
1964 John H. Gibbon, Jr., MD
1963 Edward M. Kent, MD

Eastern Cardiothoracic Surgical Society

The ECTSS was founded in 1963 and was originally named the Pennsylvania Association for Thoracic Surgery.

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